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Alias The Bad Man (1931)

Alias The Bad Man (1931)

In this action, adventure western film Texas Ranger Ken Neville receives a message from his father that cattle are being stolen from his ranch.

Clem Neville suspects a neighboring rancher of doing the rustling and asks Ken to come home and help capture the outlaws and stop the gang of thieves. This is the complete full length western movie.

Directed by Phil Rosen
Writers Earle Snell scenario and Ford Beebe original story
Ken Maynard as Ranger Ken Neville – posing as Red River Gantz
Tarzan as Ken’s Horse (as Tarzan the Wonder Horse)
Virginia Brown Faire as Mary Warner
Frank Mayo as Rance Collins
Charles King as Black – Henchman
Robert Homans as Silas Warner
Irving Bacon as Ranger Repeater
Lafe McKee as Clem Neville (as Lafe M. Kee)
Ethan Allen as Sheriff
Tom Bay as Ranger (uncredited)
Hank Bell as Arkansas (uncredited)
Ralph Bucko as Buck – Henchman (uncredited)
Roy Bucko as Roy – Henchman (uncredited)

Bob Burns as Cowhand Betting Against Ken (uncredited)
Bob Card as Henchman (uncredited)
Jim Corey as Slim – Henchman (uncredited)
Earl Dwire as Townsman (uncredited)
Frank Ellis as Card Player (uncredited)
Cliff Lyons as Cowhand (uncredited)
William McCall as Brown (uncredited)
Bud McClure as Bud – Henchman (uncredited)
Art Mix as Henchman (uncredited)
Pete Morrison as Deputy (uncredited)
Bill Patton as Barfly (uncredited)
Bob Reeves as Ranger (uncredited)
Jack Rockwell as Rawhide (uncredited)
Blackjack Ward as Jack – Henchman (uncredited)
Slim Whitaker as Bartender (uncredited)

Produced by
Phil Goldstone
Cinematography by Arthur Reed
Film Editing by Martin G. Cohn
Art Department Ralph M. DeLacy
Cliff Lyons stunts (uncredited)
Bill Patton stunts (uncredited)

Bob Reeves stunts (uncredited)

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