Apr 17

George “Gabby” Hayes

George “Gabby” Hayes was a true renaissance man. He had played Hamlet on Broadway when he was only 19. He was a superb actor, a minor-league baseball player, he led an all-girl orchestra, he loved opera, he was an omnivorous reader of all types and genre of books. He was suave. He was funny. He would take out his teeth and make incredible faces to get laughs

when there were kids around (No, he did not have his teeth pulled for the “Gabby” character. They were pulled because he had bad teeth.) My parents both said that he was the best teacher they had. He taught them more about acting and making movies than anyone else worked with. He knew everything there was to know about lighting, sound, stage position and everything else to do with the craft of acting. They also said that he was a master when it came to stealing a scene. Just watch his work in one of my favorites, “Don’t Fence Me In.”

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  1. Pie

    There is a scene in “Dark Command” where his character has to operate on Roy and he, Gabby, suddenly breaks out of his Gabby voice because he is so unsure about doing the surgery and speaks normally and I thought aha! that is George Hayes’s voice, not Gabby’s! it was over before I knew it but I realized what a masterful performer he was inside that character.

    I saw another very early movie, can’t remember which one it was, where he straightens up those legs and dances almost on point and his lines were just beautiful, like a professional dancer. It’s wonderful to hear some more about him and learn these new things about his background! I enjoy him so much. No space is wasted with Gabby!

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