Feb 24

Along The Trail TV Talk Show Special Guest Robert Fuller

In this episode of Along The Trail with Cheryl Rogers Barnett. Cheryl visits with her good friend Actor Robert Fuller.


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  1. Sally Bahnsen

    This is such wonderful interview. Thank you so much for filming it, and publishing it. You all did a great job and Robert of course was his normal charming self. Thank you!

  2. Maria

    Thank you, for this great interview. I enjoyed it so much. I live in Italy, and I’ve always been in love with westerns. Robert Fuller is my favorite actor, thanks to his portrayal of Jess Harper. Mrs. Rogers Barnett did an amazing job, letting us see the real, wonderful person behind the actor. Thank you so much to everybody.

  3. Cherril Fomby

    This was such a wonderful thing for both of these fabulous people to do, and I cannot thank Bob and Tony and even more Miss Rogers Bennett for doing it for us to enjoy. Much love to them all. We absolutely LOVE Bob and am so very grateful for all that he has done and more importantly shared with us. Thank you so much.

  4. Deb Johnson

    Thank you for this
    Robert as always was genuine, compassionate and gorgeous
    Wish we had more like him, this is what the world needs.
    Thank you to all that helped make this happen

  5. Martha Jo Bennett

    I learn more about Mr. Fuller everytime I watch this. His talent is eternal it seems. Love him. His love for his fans is evident. He really did Mr. Boone proud I think. But As always, The Bob Fuller shines Through. After all these years, I still love him.

  6. Twin Wranglers Baker

    Fantastic interview! Cheryl did an awesome job keeping it light and friendly. One of our favorite parts was when Cheryl told Bob that he was always believable in any part he ever played….we totally agree with her! We loved his story about the acting school dilemma of having to play Hamlet. His dad was so smart to suggest getting the record album to listen to. Anyway, it was a great interview and well produced. Our hats are off to all those who took part in the making of it. Oh and we believe that at one point we heard a cow moo in the background…a beautiful sound to our ears. 😉 Always ridin’ for the brand, Twin Wranglers

  7. Judi. Edwards

    This interview was great with Robert Fuller. I have been a fan of his since I was 8 years old. Finally met my hero after 54 years.
    Thank you Cheryl.
    Judi Edwards

  8. Laura Eisenmann

    Just wonderful! Thank you for this treasure of an interview — stories we’ve heard before, and some we haven’t, all together in a beautiful picture of an amazing life. Love seeing Bob do this.

  9. Tammy Green

    Great interview! Love Robert Fuller, he is such a great person. Learned some new things about him I didn’t know. Loved the relaxed ranch setting

  10. Margie Thetford

    great interview with a great actor and person. Thank you

  11. Jena

    It paid to find his own style. I always think his characters are tough but very gentlemanly and seems like that’s who he is. And a link to many things especially Republic! I love those stories. But seeing he is good steward of a ranch like that is the best of all. Loved it!

  12. Pam Schaefer

    Wonderful just wonderful. Mr. Fuller’s little boy charm really shined when he told the story that he could have done some “directing” as his contract with “Emergency” allowed for that, but instead——-HE WENT FISHING! What a hoot! The whole interview was so much fun. Thank you Cheryl and all that were involved in this great interview.

  13. Jane Slavin

    Enjoyed this interview so much. He is always believable in every role because he is true to himself and never tries to be something he’s not. He’s a delightful man and a true gentleman, and I’ve been a fan of his for many years. Looking forward to meeting him this coming fall!

  14. Beverly

    That was the fastest 30 minutes ever! Wonderful interview with Bob Fuller, Cheryl. Both of you were so relaxed, just like talking with a friend (which it was). Thank you both for sharing yourselves.

  15. Diana Haines

    Grew up watching your folks, Cheryl. Loved them both. Fell hard for Jess Harper in ’59 and never recovered. Great interview. Thank you!

  16. Teri Werner

    Absolutely loved the interview Cheryl! Learned a few things I never knew about Robert Fuller too! He and his wife have a beautiful ranch. Thanks again Cheryl and a special thanks to Bob Terry for doing a wonderful job directing!

  17. Paul Linford

    Finally got it up. Nice interview with one of my favorite people from my old neck of the woods.

  18. neebee

    Wow, this is so very wonderful… I love seeing Bob’s interviews… we not only LEARN so very much… we hear such fun behind the scenes, and, we enjoy Bob having fun, sharing what he loved from his work days! Thank you so very kindly, Bob! thank you dear Cheryl, for all this… *been so busy, so it took me a bit, to get here, 🙂 God bless and love, sincerely, Neebee… 🙂

  19. Bobby Butler

    Wonderful, WONDERFUL candid and intimate interview – THANK YOU Cheryl and Robert !!!

  20. jolee

    Thank you for this beautiful interview. I enjoyed every minute. I especially loved Robert’s reaction to Yul Brynner’s question “do you drink?”. Thank you so much for doing it.

  21. Jolee

    Thank you for this wonderful interview. I enjoyed every minute. I especially loved Mr Fuller’s reaction to Yul Brynner’s question “Do you drink?”. Again, thank you both for sharing this conversation with all of us.

  22. Karen Berger

    Thank you! Cheryl for a wonderful interview. I’ve had a massive crush on Robert Fuller ever since I was a horse crazy little girl with long blonde braids. He is such a great actor, underrated and underappreciated. His outstanding portrayal of Jess Harper gave credibility to the Laramie series. I also enjoyed John Smith as Slim. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore! Keep up the good work, Cheryl.

  23. Donna Musgrave

    Such a beautiful, charismatic man–and I appreciate so much the affection with which he reminisces about Richard Boone whom I have loved as long as I can remember!


    What a great show this is Ms. Rogers-Barnett. My Aunt and Uncle Chris and Grace Klineburger are friends of your brother. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were part of my childhood I can never forget. My love of horses was created as I watched all the Westerns on TV in the late 50’s and 60’s. Mr. Fuller is the quintessential cowboy and your interview showcases his career very well. Thank you

  25. Rosemary Stina

    If there is one single thing I could have done in preparation for my trip to Williamsburg,and my excitement at the prospect of meeting and sharing with like minded fans it was to watch this interview. Ms. Rogers-Barnett and her ability to keep the focus and wonderful story telling on her guest was “interviewing” at it’s best. I learn more each time I see and hear Mr. Fuller reflect on his charmed and amazing career. For me it is what I read between the lines that inspires me to do better and be better each day. It’s not even 6am in gorgeous Upstate NY and for me it will be another great day to be an American in love with the Great West.

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