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Boot Hill Bandits (1942)

Boot Hill Bandits (1942)

Marshal “Crash” Corrigan is the target for murder from an outlaw gang. The gang seems to be ran by seedy business man Brand Bolton but

Bolton is not the top man! The Range Busters are out to get Bolton but first they want his boss!

Ray Corrigan as Marshal “Crash” Corrigan
John ‘Dusty’ King as “Dusty” King
Max Terhune as “Alibi” Terhune
Elmer as Elmer, Alibi’s Dummy
Jean Brooks as May Meadows
John Merton as Brand Bolton
Glenn Strange as The Maverick
I. Stanford Jolley as The Mesquite Kid
Steve Clark as Sheriff Jed Tolliver
George Chesebro as Henchman “Stack” Stoner
Richard Cramer as “Corn” Hawkins – Bartender
Budd Buster as Mayor Noah Smyth
Milburn Morante as Cameron
Jimmy Aubrey as The Drunk

Directed by S. Roy Luby
Produced by Anna Bell Ward (associate producer)
George W. Weeks (producer)
Written by George Arthur Durlam (original story and screenplay)
Starring The Range Busters
Cinematography Robert E. Cline
Edited by S. Roy Luby
Release date 24 April 1942
Running time 58 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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