Feb 22

Border Caballero (1936)

Border Caballero (1936)
An undercover man is working to bring in an outlaw gang. When he is murdered Tim puts on a disguise and takes his place.

Tim McCoy as Tim Ross
Lois January as Goldie Harris
Ralph Byrd as Tex Weaver
J. Frank Glendon as Wiley Taggart
Ted Adams as Buff Brayden
John Merton as Runnyian
Earle Hodgins as Doc Shaw

Directed by Sam Newfield

Produced by Sigmund Neufeld
Leslie Simmonds
Written by Norman S. Hall (story)
Joseph O’Donnell (continuity)
Starring Tim McCoy
Cinematography Jack Greenhalgh
Edited by Holbrook N. Todd
Release date
March 1, 1936
Running time
59 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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