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Death Rides the Range (1939)

Death Rides the Range (1939)

Ken Baxter is a government agent while camping with his friends a wounded Dr. Wahl crawls into their camp Dr. Wahl knows the location of a supply

of helium gas. The three cowboys take Dr. Wahl to the Blue Mesa Trading Post where he can recover but he is mysteriously murdered. There seem to be foreign governments involved in this western movie film story of intrigue and Ken has to solve the crimes as well as protect the valuable helium gas. Complete full length western movie.

Ken Maynard as Ken Baxter
Fay McKenzie as Letty Morgan
Ralph Peters as Panhandle
Julian Rivero as Pancho
Charles King as Joe Larkin
John Elliott as Hiram Crabtree
Willy Castello as Dr. Flotow
Sven Hugo Borg as Baron Strakoff
Michael Vallon as Dr. Wahl
Julian Madison as Jim Morgan
Kenneth Rhodes as Slim
Tarzan as Tarzan, Ken’s Horse

Directed by Sam Newfield
Produced by Arthur Alexander – producer
Max Alexander – producer
Written by Oliver Drake – story – uncredited
William Lively – screenplay
Starring Ken Maynard
Music by Lew Porter
Cinematography Arthur Reed
Edited by Holbrook N. Todd
Production company
Colony Pictures
Release date
Running time
58 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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