Mar 22

Diamond Farnsworth Celebrity interview with host Cheryl Rogers Barnett

Cheryl Rogers interview with Stuntman Diamond Farnsworth. Diamond Farnsworth has hundreds film credits for stunts! Starting in 1967 on the western television series Laredo. Diamond is an Actor as well as Stunt man and Stunt Coordinator. Diamond’s most recent work includes coordinating the stunts for NCIS.

Diamond is also the son of Actor Stuntman Richard Farnsworth. THANK YOU to The Museum of Film History in Lone Pine California for letting us share this video! This interview and many others are available in the museum’s gift shop. Here is the link to their website. http://www.lonepinefilmhistorymuseum.org

In this interview Diamond talks about his father Richard Farnsworth and getting into the movie Stunt business.
Diamond and Cheryl also spend some time discussing how the Stuntman and movie business has changed.


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    Love this site. Information on all of my favorite western actors and stunt men and woman. I like it.

    1. Cheryl

      I am so very glad that you are enjoying my site. I have always thought that the stunt men and women are the unsung heroes of action films and I am honored that Diamond felt comfortable talking with me about not only himself but the other wonderful people who make the movie heroes look so good.

  2. Pastor Ralph Unroe


    Thank you for a most enjoyable show. I worked for Stanley Warner Theaters back in 1950’s, when a teen ager, changing the lettering and sheets. Got to do shows with Tex Ritter; Lash LaRue; Fuzzy St. John; Chita; and some forgotten. Now almost 81years old, my office is overflowing with the B Westerns.
    On favorite is a photo Gene Autry sent me the year before he died. Not sure how the Lord will feel about B Westerns, but still enjoying.
    My address is below. If available, could someone send me a copy of the Pine Festival phampket. I probably will not make it to ever see where the action took place.
    Just downloaded Trail of Robin Hood today. Roy still looks like 29 and I look like 81+.
    Thanks for a good show.

    Pastor Ralph Unroe
    225 Park Avenue
    Milton, Pa. 178437

    e: pastorralphunroe@gmail.com

    1. Cheryl

      Hi Pastor Ralph, I am so glad that you enjoyed Trail of Robin Hood. That is the only movie that I was in and it sure was fun working with so many of our Western movie heroes. I have asked people at Lone Pine to send you information about the Film Festival and the Museum of Western Film History. Lone Pine is a wonderful place and there were hundreds of great movies made there. Cheryl

  3. Joyce Ann Gausmann

    Really enjoyed the interview with Diamond Farnsworth. Interesting and fun. He was so honest with his answers and you did a great interview. Can’t wait for more Cheryl. Love it. Joyce Gausmann

  4. Lillian intartaglia

    That was another great interview. You are so good at what you do. Diamond Farnsworth was very interesting. I learned a lot and admire the good work he did.

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