Mar 20

What is This Event – Dale, Gene and Roy?

Hi Y’all!  My husband Larry has been going through some boxes that we haven’t looked through since we moved here (Utah) from California — about 14 years ago.  

He is finding some great stuff!


One of the great things he has found is the above photo copy of Mom (Dale Evans), their good friend Gene Autry and Dad (Roy Rogers) at an awards dinner of some kind. The little statue that Dad is

holding appears to have an top hat on.  Do any of you know what the event was? If so, just send me your comment by clicking on the button below and typing in what you think it was.

I know that mom had on a gorgeous black velvet dress. I was with her when she bought the dress at a little boutique in Studio City. She loved beautiful dresses but they usually didn’t go with the Western persona that felt she had to maintain.  In this case, as soon as

they handed her the package containing her new dress, she went over to Nudie’s (the Rodeo Tailor) nearby shop and asked him to add some rhinestone stars to her new dress. I think she looks beautiful!!!

As to what the gentlemen are wearing — Nudie definitely made Dad’s beautiful western suit and probably made Gene’s as well.


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  1. Steve Hazelwood

    It was a party at the Masquers Club founded in 1925 in Hollywood honoring Roy around 1952 – Steve Hazelwood Louisville, KY

    1. Cheryl

      Thank you, Steve! Boy, that response was a lot quicker than I expected.

  2. Kristy Bruce

    Steve’s right; that does make sense. 😉
    Here are a couple more pictures I thought somebody else might like to see:



    1. Cheryl

      Hi Kristy, That’s a great photo from the Masquers Club dinner. However, the next photo (the one with Jimmy Stewart) completely misidentifies the singing group. That IS NOT the Sons of the Pioneers behind Dad.

  3. Hugh McLennan

    Congratulations of this great site Cheryl! I’d like to do a phone interview with you for the Spirit of the West radio show about this. You can send us an email, FB message or give us a call (250) 573-5731

    Watched “Under Western Stars” un cut for the first time last week and loved it.
    Best Regards
    Hugh & Billie McLennan

    1. Cheryl

      Thanks, Hugh for the great interview. I hope you have enough information for two or three shows. Cheryl

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