Mar 14

Dick Jones interview with host Cheryl Rogers Barnett

Here is a wonderful Celebrity Interview with Dick Jones interview with host Cheryl Rogers Barnett

Dick Jones started in movies in Hollywood in 1934. Dick did many western movies and many western TV show episodes guest spots! He also co-starred in The Range Rider with Jock Mahoney and starred in the western television series Buffalo Bill Jr..

Dick was also the voice of Pinocchio in the Walt Disney animated feature Pinocchio. THANK YOU to The Museum of Film History in Lone Pine California for letting us share this video! This interview and many others are available in the museum’s gift shop. Here is the link to their website. http://www.lonepinefilmhistorymuseum.org

I Knew Dick Jones most of my life. I had seen him on screen since I was a very little girl. As a teenager, I babysat for his and Betty’s four children.

When I was asked to interview Dick for the Museum of Western Film History, I was really excited because I knew how wonderful he was and hoped I could ask intelligent questions that would allow our audience and viewers to see what a great guy he was. I forgot what a dreadful tease he was.

For the first 5 minutes or so, I might as well have been the only person on that couch as Dick answered every one of my (well thought out) questions with one word.

As you will see, he finally let me off the hook when he declared that I “looked like a deer in the headlights!”

I absolutely loved Dick. He was a wonderful man, a great husband to his Betty and, from what I observed, a great dad. Of course, he was also a wonderful performer!!

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett

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  1. Kent Pinkerton

    Loved watching such a great interview with Dick Jones!! It was awesome and enjoy this website!!

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