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Fugitive Valley (1941)

Fugitive Valley (1941)

Deputies Crash Corrigan and Dusty are looking for an outlaw called The Whip. They discover the hide out and meet beautiful

Ann Savage as they visit another outlaw gang attacks the hideout and the deputies and Ann are forced to join forces to battle a greater evil!

Ray Corrigan as Crash Corrigan
John ‘Dusty’ King as Dusty King
Max Terhune as Alibi Terhune
Elmer as Elmer, Alibi’s Dummy
Julie Duncan as Ann Savage aka The Whip
Glenn Strange as Gray
Bob Kortman as Red Langdon
Ed Brady as Dr. Steve
Tom London as Marshal Warren
Reed Howes as Jim Brandon
Carl Mathews as Henchman Slick
Edward Peil Sr. as Ed (jailer)
Doye O’Dell as Jim – Whip rider

Directed by S. Roy Luby
Produced by Anna Bell Ward (associate producer)
George W. Weeks (producer)
Written by Oliver Drake (story)
Robert Finkle (writer)
John Vlahos (writer)
Starring The Range Busters
Music by Frank Sanucci
Cinematography Robert E. Cline
Edited by S. Roy Luby
Release date July 30, 1941
Running time 61 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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