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Lucky Terror (1936)

Lucky Terror (1936)
After an encounter with a man who try to steal his horse Lucky joins a traveling side show as a sharp shooter. Later he is falsely accused of murdering a miner and has to prove his innocence.

Hoot Gibson as Lucky Carson aka The Lucky Terror
Charles Hill as Doc Halliday
Lona Andre as Ann Thornton aka Madame Fatima
George Chesebro as Jim Thornton (Ann’s uncle)
Robert McKenzie as Sheriff Hodges
Jack Rockwell as Bat Moulton
Frank Yaconelli as Anthony “Tony” Giribaldi (Doc’s flunky)
Charles King as Wheeler (lawyer)
Horace B. Carpenter

Directed by Alan James
Produced by Walter Futter
Written by Roger Allman
Screenplay by Alan James
Starring Hoot Gibson
Cinematography Arthur Reed
Edited by Carl Himm
Release date
February 20, 1936
Running time
61 minutes
Country United States
Language English
western movie full length

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