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Night Rider (1932)

Night Rider (1932)
Officer John Brown is after the outlaw known as the Night Rider. He takes a job on the Rogers ranch then finds a secret passage from the Rogers mine to the Rogers

house used by the Night Rider. Brown then comes up with a plan to trap The Night Rider.

Harry Carey as John Brown/Jim Blake
Elinor Fair as Barbara Rogers
George “Gabby” Hayes as Altoonie
Julian Rivero as Manuel Alonzo Valdez
J. Carlton Wetherby as Dan Rogers
Tom London as Jeff Barton
Walter Shumway as Sheriff Lynn Ricker
Bob Kortman as Steve
Cliff Lyons as Bert Logan

Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer
William Nigh
Produced by George M. Merrick (associate producer)
Alfred T. Mannon (associate producer) (uncredited)
Louis Weiss (producer) (uncredited)
Written by Harry L. Fraser (story and scenario)
Cinematography James Diamond
Edited by Holbrook N. Todd
Release date
Running time
72 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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