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Feb 22

Bulldog Courage (1935)

Bulldog Courage (1935) A banker cheats a miner out of his mine so the miner turns to a life of crime. Cast Tim McCoy as Slim Braddock / Tim Braddock Joan Woodbury as Helen Brennan Paul Fix as Bailey Eddie Buzard as Tim as a boy John Cowell as Pete Brennan Karl Hackett as Williams …

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Feb 21

Frontier Outlaws (1944)

Frontier Outlaws (1944) Billy gets in a gunfight with a hired gun that was brought to town to run Billy out of town. When Billy has to kill the gunman he is arrested but then secretly released to help destroy the outlaw gang. Cast Buster Crabbe as Billy Carson Al St. John as Fuzzy Q. …

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Feb 20

Billy the Kid Trapped (1942)

Billy the Kid Trapped from 1942 Billy, Fuzzy and Jeff are in jail for crimes they did not commit! They are sentenced to be hanged but break out of jail. The three soon find out there are 3 other men committing crimes while impersonating Billy, Fuzzy and Jeff. So now the 3 must keep from …

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