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The Dawn Rider (1935)

The Dawn Rider (1935)

In this action, adventure, romance western movie John Mason and his father are set upon by bandits and John is injured

and his father is killed. Of course a pretty lady nurses John back to health but this sets in motion a series of complications and dangers.

John Wayne as John Mason
Marion Burns as Alice Gordon
Dennis Moore as Rudd Gordon
Reed Howes as Ben McClure
Joseph De Grasse as Dad Mason
Yakima Canutt as Saloon Owner
Earl Dwire as Pete (Expressman)
Nelson McDowell as Bates (Undertaker)

Directed by Robert N. Bradbury
Produced by Paul Malvern
Written by Robert N. Bradbury and Lloyd Nosler (story)
Starring John Wayne
Cinematography Archie Stout
Edited by Carl Pierson
Production company
Lone Star Pictures
Distributed by Monogram Pictures
Release date June 20, 1935
Running time 53 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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