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Arizona Gunfighter (1937)

Arizona Gunfighter (1937)

After a man kills the man who murdered his father he is now on the run and joins an outlaw gang. After two

years the gang disbands and the leader gives the young man a ranch but the old gang come around and cause trouble.

Bob Steele as Colt Ferron (“The Arizona Gunfighter”)
Jean Carmen as Beth Lorimer
Ted Adams as Wolf Whitson / Pop Whittaker
Ernie Adams as Grizzly Barr
Lew Meehan as Snake Bralt
Steve Clark as Sheriff
John Merton as Farley (Durkin Henchman)
Karl Hackett as Rancher Durkin
A.C. Henderson as Governor Gray
Frank Ball as Dan Larimer

Directed by Sam Newfield
Produced by A.W. Hackel (producer)
Written by Harry F. Olmsted (story)
George H. Plympton (screenplay)
Starring Bob Steele
Cinematography Robert E. Cline
Edited by S. Roy Luby
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
Running time
58 minutes
Country United States
Language English

western movie full length

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