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Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)

Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)

Billy is framed for another murder and while he is trying to clear his name a band of outlaws arrive in town. Billy soon finds out his brother is riding with

the outlaw gang.

Bob Steele as Billy the Kid
Terry Walker as Mary Barton
Al St. John as Fuzzy
Carleton Young as Gil Bonney / Gil Cooper
Charles King as Dave
John Merton as Flash
Frank LaRue as Jim Morgan
Slim Whitaker as Wagon driver Windy

Directed by Sam Newfield (as Peter Stewart)
Produced by Sigmund Neufeld (producer)
Written by Joseph O’Donnell (original screenplay)
Cinematography Jack Greenhalgh
Edited by Holbrook N. Todd
Distributed by Producers Releasing Corporation
Release date
September 30, 1940
Running time
52 minutes
Country United States

Language English
western movie full length

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