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Bells of San Angelo (1947) in Color

Bells of San Angelo (1947) in Color

Roy Rogers is a Border inspector and someone has been smuggling silver across the border. The people who find out who and how all seem to turn up dead!

Along with this Lee Madison arrives in town, a writer whose writings Roy and his friends feel seem to ridicule the West and those who live in it! Also more intrigue with the arrival of Lionel Bates from England saying he is from Scotland Yard and is searching for an English national named George Wallingford Lancaster. Great action color western film. Full length movie.

Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
Trigger as Trigger, Roy’s Horse
Dale Evans as Lee Madison
Andy Devine as Cookie Bullfincher
John McGuire as Rex Gridley
Olaf Hytten as Lionel Bates
Dave Sharpe as Henchman Ulrich
Fritz Leiber as Padre
Hank Patterson as Deaf Bus Passenger
Fred ‘Snowflake’ Toones as The Cook
Eddie Acuff as Bus Driver
Bob Nolan as Bob
Sons of the Pioneers as Musicians
Pat Brady as Pat
Keefe Brasselle as Ignacio
Dale Van Sickel as Henchman Mike
Luana Walters as Lodge Clerk

Directed by William Witney
Produced by Edward J. White (associate producer)
Written by Paul Gangelin (story)
Sloan Nibley (screenplay)
Starring Roy Rogers
Music by Charles Maxwell
Cinematography Jack A. Marta
Edited by Lester Orlebeck
Republic Pictures
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
April 15, 1947 (United States)
Running time
78 minutes
54 minutes

Country United States
Language English

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  1. Pie

    Another of my faves! Such a great movie with a strong role for Dale! I love the Western interiors in this one and the music of course.

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