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The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944)

The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944)

Roy Rogers is an Insurance Investigator looking for a Sam Weston that has escaped prison and may be going to get the money he was convicted of stealing five years before.

Betty Weston is out to clear her fathers name. This is the first movie Don (Little Brown Jug) Reynolds appears in. Don is the son of famous animal trainer Fess Reynolds. When Roy saw Don practicing his tricks with his horses at Madison Square Gardens in 1943 he told Fess to bring the young boy to California and he would get him into the movies. In one month Fess and Don were in California and Roy started Don out with a good part in this western film.

Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
Trigger as Trigger Smartest Horse in the Movies
Dale Evans as Betty Weston
Grant Withers as Express Agent Lucas
Harry Shannon as Sam Weston
George Cleveland as Captain “Cap” Joe
William Haade as Buster, Roy’s Sidekick
Weldon Heyburn as Charley Goss
Hal Taliaferro as Ferguson
Tom London as Sheriff Allen
Dick Botiller as Indian Pete
Janet Martin as Showboat Singer
Bob Nolan as Singer
Peter Lawman as Singer

Sons of the Pioneers as Musicians
Don Reynolds Pinto (child with slingshot) (uncredited)

Directed by Joseph Kane
Produced by Harry Grey (associate producer)
Written by Jack Townley (story and screenplay)
Starring Roy Rogers
Music by R. Dale Butts
Marlin Skiles
Cinematography Jack A. Marta
Edited by Tony Martinelli
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
June 24, 1944
Running time
69 minutes (original version)
54 minutes (edited version)
Country United States

Language English

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  1. Pie

    GRIT TV showed the long version this morning! I wish we could find that version or they show it again, I was not prepared to capture it but it was worth getting up early to finaly hear the several missing songs!

    They also showed the full Under Nevada Skies before! It’s excellent to see Roy on tv again!

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