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Branded a Coward (1935)

Branded a Coward (1935)

Johnny Hume’s family is murdered by an outlaw gang as he watches in terror from a bidding place. Years pass and Johnny grows up and has to deal

with the terror and fear of that day long ago. Now he is thrown head-on into gun trouble with outlaws and has to overcome his fears and stand up against evil villains.

Johnny Mack Brown as Johnny Hume
Billie Seward as Ethel Carson
Syd Saylor as Oscar
Lloyd Ingraham as Joe Carson
Lee Shumway as Tom Hume
Roger Williams as Henchman Tex
Frank McCarroll as Henchman Dick
Yakima Canutt as ‘The Cat’ (original)
Mickey Rentschler as Young Johnny Hume
Rex Downing as Young Billy Hume

Directed by Sam Newfield
Produced by A.W. Hackel (producer)[citation needed] (uncredited)
Written by Richard Martinsen (story)
Earle Snell
Starring Johnny Mack Brown
Cinematography William Nobles
Edited by Earl Turner
Release date
Running time
58 minutes
Country United States
Language English

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