Mar 09


In this above photo, Dad (Roy Rogers) and Trigger (his palomino) get their footprints in cement in the courtyard of Graumann’s Chinese Theater.

If you have been following my posts, you know that Little Trigger was the horse that made personal appearances (parades, stage shows, etc.) and Trigger (the Old Man or the Old Horse) appeared in movies and on television. BUT, when it came to being immortalized in cement, Trigger is the one that Dad chose. He truly loved that horse!! While he and Little

Trigger had a sort of love/hate relationship.

Standing directly above Mom (Dale Evans Rogers) is Pat Brady. Dad’s sidekicks on the RoyRogers TV Show and in several of Dad’s Republic Studios movies. Kneeling at Mom’s right, holding Trigger’s hoof, is Glenn Randall, Trigger’s trainer.

The slab with Trigger’s hoof prints and Dad’s boot prints is still there at Graumann’s on Hollywood Boulevard.

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