Mar 10


I sure hope that you are some of the few people who saw what I think was one of Dad’s very best films! It wasn’t out at the movie theaters very long (just a few weeks) as there was a law suit filed. Not about the film itself but between the producers!

Dad, of course, was the title character “Mackintosh.” A man searching to make a new life for himself after losing his wife and son in a car crash. Traveling West,

he meets up with a troubled teenager played by Clay O’Brien Cooper. It’s a film without a leading lady, there’s no shooting but there are a few fights (without spurting blood though).
Just the way Dad wanted the film. It’s a really good film about real folks living in the great state of Texas.

The cast is wonderful. Clay O’Brien Cooper (who became a World Champion team roper). Billy Green Bush, Andrew Robinson, Joan Hackett, James Hampton and Larry Mahan (the picture was made on his Four Sixes Ranch).

The picture is available on DVD but it is hard to find.

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