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Jun 10

More about Gabby Hayes

I absolutely loved Gabby like another grandfather. He was the most handsome man. Always dressed in custom-made English tweed suits and handmade silk shirts from France. He always smelled wonderful and he could tell the most wonderful stories in his beautiful stage voice. I’m glad that I didn’t see him on film as a bad …

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Mar 12

Arizona Round-Up (1942)

Arizona Round-Up (1942) A rancher who provides horses to the government remount station is being froze out of business by other land owners charging exorbitant prices to the ranchers to get their horses or cattle shipped through the right-of-way which provides the only other route to the station. Directed by Robert Emmett Tansey (as Robert …

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Mar 10


I sure hope that you are some of the few people who saw what I think was one of Dad’s very best films! It wasn’t out at the movie theaters very long (just a few weeks) as there was a law suit filed. Not about the film itself but between the producers! Dad, of course, …

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Mar 08

Battle of Greed (1936)

Battle of Greed from 1936 Silver is found in Virginia City so John Storm leads wagons from Indiana to the west. All goes pretty well until claim jumpers try to steal their claims. John Storm proves the Judge is crooked! Then he gets the Governor to appoint a new Judge. But the trouble and greed …

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Feb 22

Dawn on the Great Divide (1942)

Dawn on the Great Divide (1942) Buck is leading a wagon train of railroad supplies west. An outlaw dresses his gang as Indians to raid the wagons and try to steal the supplies. Based on James Oliver Curwood’s 1913 short story – Wheels of Fate. Cast Buck Jones as Buck Roberts Mona Barrie as Sadie …

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Feb 19

The Courageous Avenger (1935)

The Courageous Avenger (1935) An Agent is sent to investigate gold thefts. He discovers a corrupt mine owner is behind the stealing and the mine owner also uses people he has captured as slaves to work in his mine. Kirk Baxter must battle and break up this evil ring. Complete western film full length movie …

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Feb 18

Coyote Trails (1935)

Coyote Trails (1935) Horses are being lost by the John Baker ranch. John Baker believes it is all due to the Wild Stallion called The Phantom! But there are rustlers stealing the horses and making it look like The Phantom is to blame. Tom Riley and his sidekick Windy are out to solve the mystery …

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Feb 15

Don (Little Brown Jug) Reynolds Western Movie Star

Don (Little Brown Jug) Reynolds Western Movie Star. Jug Reynolds is a wonderful friend and a wealth of information about Hollywood Westerns! Jug started in movies in 1944 in the Roy Rogers, Dale Evans western The Yellow Rose of Texas. We will be adding some of Jug’s stories to the site very soon! Jug has …

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