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Battle of Greed (1936)

Battle of Greed from 1936

Silver is found in Virginia City so John Storm leads wagons from Indiana to the west. All goes pretty well until claim jumpers try to steal their claims.

John Storm proves the Judge is crooked! Then he gets the Governor to appoint a new Judge. But the trouble and greed is not near over!

Directed by Howard Higgin
Writing Credits John T. Neville (screenplay)
Tom Keene as John Storm
Gwynne Shipman as Linda Avery
James Bush as Mark Twain
Jimmy Butler as Danny Storm
Robert Fiske as Hammond
Carl Stockdale as Sawyer
Ray Bennett as Henchman Bates (as Rafael Bennett)
William Worthington as Judge William H. Avery
Henry Roquemore as Judge Albion
Fox O’Callahan as Jockey Brown (as Bobby Callahan)
Lloyd Ingraham as Virginny
Budd Buster as Comstock (as Bud Buster)
Ed Carey as Juror (uncredited)
Horace B. Carpenter as Indiana Man / Court Spectator (uncredited)
Art Dillard as Henchman (uncredited)
Jack Evans as Jury Foreman Mike Wilkins (uncredited)
Art Felix as Henchman (uncredited)
Charles K. French as Governor (uncredited)

Oscar Gahan as Henchman (uncredited)
Herman Hack as Henchman (uncredited)
Jack Hendricks as Indiana Man / Juror (uncredited)
Tracy Layne as Juror (uncredited)
Clyde McClary as Townsman (uncredited)
Robert McClung as Harmonica Boy (uncredited)
Cliff Parkinson as Gambler (uncredited)
Bill Patton as Barfly (uncredited)
Tex Phelps as Indiana Man (uncredited)
George Plues as Henchman (uncredited)
Dick Rush as Store Owner (uncredited)
Allan Sears as Tobacco Customer (uncredited)
Jack C. Smith as Indiana Man (uncredited)
Wally West as Indiana Man / Jury Foreman (uncredited)

Produced by E.B. Derr
producer Bernard A. Moriarty associate producer
Cinematography by Paul Ivano
Film Editing by Donald Barratt
Art Direction by Edward C. Jewell
Production Management Frank Melford production supervisor
Sound Department Karl Zint sound recordist
Tracy Layne stunts (uncredited)
Wally West stunts (uncredited) Music Department

Abe Meyer musical director

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