Mar 07


I just got the nicest email from Cher, one of you subscribers. She was talking about her love of Trigger and how she was able to tell the Triggers apart. Above are pictures of the 3 Triggers.

Cher asked me what I know about Little Trigger. Well, it’s not much! As I say in my latest book, “Cowboy Princess Rides Again,” I have never found any paper work on Little Trigger. After making a trip up to around Logan, Utah a couple of years ago, I now think that Little Trigger was probably purchased from a ranch in far northern Utah. There is a ranch up there that has been raising palominos for many years and I know that Dad purchased several horses from them over the years. The owner’s decendents came to a book signing I was doing and showed me pictures in a scrapbook that their father and grandfather had put together. There wasn’t a picture of Little Trigger but there were photos of a couple of other horses that I recognized that Dad’s trainer, Glenn Randall, used in his palomino liberty horse act.

Cher also asked what had happened to Little Trigger, when he passed away (about a year or so before the original Trigger), Dad had the guys on the ranch (in Hidden Valley) dig a big hole and Little

Trigger was buried in it.

Cher, these are the best answers I can give on your questions.


  1. Debbie

    Trigger Jr had look like spots on hips didn’t know there was a 3rd trigger

    1. Cheryl

      Yes, Trigger Jr. had spots. He was also much darker than either the original Trigger or Little Trigger. Cheryl

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