Mar 06


Dad (Roy Rogers) was a shopkeeper for a short time when I was a baby. There is a great short film called “Meet Roy Rogers” that was produced by Harriet Parsons (Luella’s daughter). The short can sometimes be seen on Utube. Part of the short is my introduction to Hollywood (I had just been adopted by Dad and Mommy (Arline Wilkins Rogers).

The last part of the short is about Dad’s new store. It features numerous friends of Dad including: Gabby, Gene Autry, Judy Canova and other popular Western and comedic performers from that time.

Now, I don’t remember Dad having a western store. It wasn’t until I saw the short that I realized he had a business other than being an actor/singer/musician. Since I found out about the store, Larry and I and some of our friends, have speculated where the store might have been. Thanks my friend, Dave Burns, I now have the address. This puts it just a couple of doors from Dupar’s Coffee Shop (Dad’s favorite place to get pancakes) on Ventura Blvd. (Dupar’s is still there and still a great place to eat) in Studio City. The address also puts it just a block or two from Republic Studios.

I am really surprised at the brochure as it appears that Dad was in the catalogue ordering business in 1940!!!

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