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Buffalo Stampede (1933)

Buffalo Stampede (1933)

AKA The Thundering Herd

White fur traders and Buffalo hunters are at odds with each other. A girl

is being held against her will and the plains tribes are gathering for an attack on the white hunters. Action, adventure western film with 3 big name stars Harry Carey, Randolph Scott and Buster Crabbe.

Randolph Scott as Tom Doan
Judith Allen as Millie Fayre
Buster Crabbe as Bill Hatch the stagecoach driver
Noah Beery, Sr. as Randall Jett
Raymond Hatton as Jude Pilchuk
Blanche Friderici as Mrs. Jane Jett
Harry Carey as Clark Sprague
Monte Blue as Smiley
Barton MacLane as Pruitt

Directed by Henry Hathaway
Produced by Harold Hurley
Screenplay by Jack Cunningham
Based on The Thundering Herd novel by Zane Grey
Starring Randolph Scott
Music by Karl Hajos (uncredited)
Cinematography Ben F. Reynolds
Production company Paramount Pictures
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date March 1, 1933
Running time 62 minutes

Country United States
Language English

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