Feb 18

The Fighting Westerner (1935)

The Fighting Westerner (1935) AKA – Rocky Mountain Mystery.

A hooded killer is murdering people in a gruesome way at a remote radium mine. Mining engineer Larry Sutton has come to the mine for two reasons. One reason is his brother in law also a mining engineer has come up missing. The other reason is to evaluate the mine.

This is a who done it mystery western film with a few twists and turns and a surprise ending! There is also a very rare scene appearance by famed 19th century stage actress Mrs. Leslie Carter.

Randolph Scott as Larry Sutton
Mrs. Leslie Carter as Mrs. Borg
Ann Sheridan as Rita Ballard
Chic Sale as Tex Murdock
Kathleen Burke as Flora Ballard
George F. Marion as Jim Ballard
Florence Roberts as Mrs. Ballard
Howard Wilson as Fritz Ballard
Willie Fung as Ling Yat
James Eagles as John Borg

Directed by Charles Barton
Produced by Harold Hurley
Screenplay by
Edward E. Paramore Jr.
Ethel Doherty
Based on the Golden Dreams novel by Zane Grey
Randolph Scott
Cinematography Archie Stout
Edited by Jack Dennis
Production company Paramount Pictures
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date March 1, 1935
Running time 63 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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