Feb 20

Cavalcade of the West (1936)

Cavalcade of the West from 1936 Full length western movie complete film.

A family with a wagon going west misses the scheduled time to connect with the wagon train. This means they will have to travel alone which

makes them very vulnerable to dangers. Outlaws attack the family and steal one of the sons raising him to be an outlaw. Action packed westerns.

Hoot Gibson … Clint Knox
Rex Lease … Ace Carter AKA Asa Knox
Marion Shilling … Mary Christman
Adam Goodman … Windy Harper
Nina Guilbert … Mrs Martha Knox
Earl Dwire … George Christman
Phil Dunham … Reporter
Robert McKenzie … Judge
Steve Clark
Jerry Tucker
Barry Downing

Directed by Harry L. Fraser
Produced by Walter Futter
Written by Norman Houston
Starring Hoot Gibson
Cinematography Paul Ivano
Edited by Arthur A. Brooks
Distributed by Diversion Pictures
Grand National Films
Release date
October 1, 1936
Running time
59 minutes

Country United States
Language English

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