Feb 20

Clearing the Range (1931)

Clearing the Range from 1931 western movies full length complete film westerns.

Curt “El Capitan” Fremont’s brother a banker has been murdered. Curt is out to catch the villains who did this dastardly deed but he is not approaching this

fighting like a lion but rather like a fox! He resorts to clever trickery without being seen or suspected. In public he seems a pleasant sort of fellow and Mary Lou Moran does not think much of him. She admires his “other” self’s deeds of daring and courage but does not realize it’s the same man! There does come a time when Curt has to resort to fists and guns!

Directed by Otto Brower
Produced by M.H. Hoffman Jr.
Written by Jack Cunningham
Screenplay by Jack Natteford
Starring Hoot Gibson
Cinematography Ernest Miller
Edited by Mildred Johnston
Release date
April 1, 1931
Running time
61 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Hoot Gibson as Curt “El Capitan” Fremont
Sally Eilers as Mary Lou Moran
Hooper Atchley as Lafe Kildare
Robert Homans as “Dad” Moran
Edward Peil Sr. as Sheriff Jim
George Mendoza as Juan Conares
Edward Hearn as Jim Fremont
Maston Williams as George “Slim” Allen

This is one of the original action movies!

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