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Fugitive of the Plains (1943)

Fugitive of the Plains (1943)

Billy and Fuzzy find out crimes are being committed in Billy’s name in nearby Red Rock County. They ride to the County in the hopes of clearing his name. Billy then discovers a gang headed by pretty Kate Shelly. The gang knows who he is and let him join but Billy only joins so he can smash it from the inside.

Buster Crabbe as Billy the Kid
Al St. John as Fuzzy Jones
Maxine Leslie as Kate Shelly
Jack Ingram as Henchman Dillon
Kermit Maynard as Henchman Spence
Karl Hackett as Red Rock Sheriff Sam Packard
Hal Price as Willow Springs Sheriff Dave Connelly
George Chesebro as Henchman Baxter
Frank Ellis as Henchman Dirk
John Merton as Deputy arresting Fuzzy

Directed by Sam Newfield
Produced by Sigmund Neufeld (producer)
Written by George Wallace Sayre (original screenplay)
Starring Buster Crabbe
Music by Leo Erdody
Cinematography Jack Greenhalgh
Edited by Holbrook N. Todd
Release date
April 1, 1943
Running time
56 minutes (original version)
50 minutes (USA)
38 minutes (edited version) (re-release)
Country United States
Language English
also known as Raiders of Red Rock

western movie full length

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