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Mar 11

Fugitive of the Plains (1943)

Fugitive of the Plains (1943) Billy and Fuzzy find out crimes are being committed in Billy’s name in nearby Red Rock County. They ride to the County in the hopes of clearing his name. Billy then discovers a gang headed by pretty Kate Shelly. The gang knows who he is and let him join but …

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Feb 22

Aces and Eights (1936)

Aces and Eights (1936) A Mexican family is in trouble and a gambler who is very good with cards come to their aide. Cast Tim McCoy as ‘Gentleman’ Tim Madigan Luana Walters as Juanita Hernandez Rex Lease as Jose Hernandez Wheeler Oakman as Ace Morgan J. Frank Glendon as Amos Harden Charles Stevens as Captain …

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Feb 18

Feud of the Trail (1937)

Feud of the Trail (1937) A lawman kills an outlaw and discovers he is a dead ringer for the outlaw. Taking advantage of this the lawman takes the outlaws place and locates the gang but the plan is not foolproof and there is a lot of danger of being discovered. This is the complete western …

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