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The original Trigger, The Old Man, The Old Horse, would be turning 83 today. He was truly a very special horse. He was all spirit and fire when Dad rode him and the most gentle of giants when I rode him across the Van Nuys Wash (as a nine-year-old) to the Mom and Pop grocery store on Woodman Avenue.

My friend, and author of the upcoming definitive book on Trigger, Leo Pando, just sent me this photo of a very young Trigger and said that I can share it with you.

Happy a wonderful 4TH of JULY!

From both of us, Cheryl and Larry Barnett


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  1. Ron Becton

    Happy Born Day old man. You were some kind of horse

  2. Lula

    Happy Birthday

  3. Tiffany

    A book just on Trigger? When will that come out?

    1. Cheryl

      Shouldn’t be too long but I will let everyone know. I will post the notice on both my websites and the YouTube channels.

  4. patsy

    Happy Birthday trigger you still a beatiful hores

  5. patsy

    Happy Birthday trigger you still a beatiful hores *

  6. Diana Thorson

    Hello Cheryl,
    I am 75 years old. When we finally got our black and white TV (age 6 in NH) I was glued to it all day Saturday watching westerns. My heroine was Dale Evans for years. My horse was the railing and newel post padded with bath towels for a saddle. Once I left that stage of life, I read Angel Unaware while in (junior?) high school and grew to know my heroine and favorite cowboy for who they really were. I was fortunate several years ago to visit the Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, MO, and thought then that I needed to contact someone about a 78 rpm album I have of Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers, which I nearly wore out. I would like to donate it to the Museum but I think the one in Branson has closed. If you are interested, I would be happy to send it to you. At this point in my life, I’m not sure what else to do with it as I need to start downsizing.

    My husband’s aunties living in Apple Valley went to church with Dale and Roy.

    You may email me to advise me what I should to. I am now living in Flagstaff, AZ, cowboy country!

    1. Cheryl

      Hi, thank you so much for your great comment! Yes, the museum in Branson closed but you might want to look under RFDTV on the web and see about a new museum I understand that they are going to open in the Ft. Worth Stockyards. That might be a good home for your album.
      I am just about the same age you are and I am trying to downsize also.
      Again, thanks for your comment. Cheryl

  7. R. Fred Cope

    Hello Cheryl,

    I love your parents. Had the privilege of meeting your Mom at the Museum in 1999. She was in a wheelchair, alert and friendly and so welcoming to a lifetime fan. I shared a story with her that I share now with you. Obviously, your Dad was my childhood hero [still is, but for higher reasons]. When in the 3rd Grade, I had a new classmate named Petie Perrucci: moved back to the USA after his Dad completed a tour of Duty in the Philippines. Remember “Show and Tell” in school? Petie brought his Dad, two other Marines, and a Python skin that was about 30 feet long. The Marines had killed the snake with a 50 Caliber Machine Gun. Cool huh?

    That night, I had the most vivid dream of my life. I dreamed that the snake was coiled around me, and I was screaming for help, when a Golden Palomino galloped to my rescue. The rider was my two gun hero: Roy Rogers, and he shot that python dead. As I grew, I learned how your Dad took time to visit children in hospitals as he toured and did shows; and to this day I have enjoyed good health; so I take pride that an actor was in real life a REAL MAN who REALLY CARED, and who strove to live an exemplary life — not just for his children, but for all of us. I was blessed to have a Dad much like yours: good, honest, caring, strong but gentle, and whose greatest pride was his children. I have shared my memories of Roy Rogers to my children, their friends, and others as I had opportunity. I tell children to choose their heroes carefully, and understand that even the greatest are not perfect. Perfection may not be attainable, but reaching for perfection builds character. That character has always worth the effort.

    I think your Dad had a leg up on many: Your Mom. Singing “Happy Trails” with your Dad, your Mom and my Mother was a regular part of my childhood. I recently purchased a hardback copy of “Angels Unaware”. I had a paperback version that I read back in the 70’s. I shared it with young people, and someone failed to return it. My grandchildren are coming to that age where they need to know Robyn’s story, so I bought a copy for sharing with them.

    Cheryl, my Family is filled with Love and Blessings, and years ago my Sister-in-law gave me an official Roy Rogers pocket knife; and every Christmas there is a chorus of “Fred, take your Roy Rogers pocket knife and help me open my gift.” Yes, your Dad adds to our Christmas get togethers, and your Mom is honored by my daughters and daughter-in-law as they too love their children with such JOY and Fullness.

    Today Trigger reigns in men’s hearts, and gallops through our memories; but My Pal Trigger rides to the rescue on many a day for little boys from nine to ninety. One of my all time favorite quotes:

    “Good bye, good luck, and may the Good Lord take a likin’ to ya.”

    R. Fred Cope,
    Nashville, TN

    1. Cheryl

      Hello Fred,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful letter. We were very fortunate to have parents who touched so many lives in a positive and loving way.

      Mom and Dad were very talented people who knew that their talents were gifts and they tried to give back to the children and adults with whom they met along the way.

      God bless and thanks again for your comments. Cheryl

  8. Linda Rose

    Hi Cheryl; I have been so much enjoying your web site and watching movies, tv shows, musicals performed by your Mother and Dad and interviews. Growing up we were extremely poor and didn’t have a tv until we were gifted with one by a family member. It was a big brown box with tubes and a very small screen up in one corner. It sat on the floor in the kitchen of our tiny two room house where my Dad, Grandmother and two sisters and I lived. The first shows we ever saw were Gabby Hays, The Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers. The tubes burned out and never got replaced so I only ever saw a few of the shows.

    I am over 71 yrs. and recently this past December found all of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans shows on U-Tube. So I am having fun watching all I missed as a kid! I have been reading their auto-biographies and watching interviews with their children. It is so nice of Roy and Dale’s family to share their father and mother’s life to inspire generations to come. It could not have been easy being children with famous parents but it looks like to me Roy and Dale did a good job with their children as you all seem to have found your own ways of giving back to society. I am sure they would be proud of all the grandchildren and greats that have come along after them.

    I hope all the generations of the Rogers clan appreciate the gift they have been given in their own lives. I don’t know any other families where the great grand children and future generations get to know and see their relatives of the past from the time they were young to old age. Thanks to moving pictures , appearances, interviews and family photos Roy and Dales life is an open book. I admire how Roy and Dale moved from young to old gracefully and used all their talents right up to the end of their lives. I have acquired one of Dales books and am impressed how she continued writing even finishing the book when Roy died and continued writing more. I am looking forward to sending for more books as I can afford it. I am sure your parents were not perfect because no human is but they are to be admired for all they gave back to all the people they encountered and manage to entertain along the way. May God’s blessing continue to embrace your family. Linda Rose

    1. Cheryl

      Dear Linda, Thank you so much for your kind words. My parents were very talented people and we, their children, were very lucky to be part of the family. I am soooo glad that my great-grandchildren are able to see my parents and to learn about their ancestors (it seems so weird to talk about my parents in that way)! I am glad that you are enjoying the programs that we are putting on my website.
      I wish you a wonderful 2018 and that you keep on watching.

  9. Del Tunink

    Cheryl, I met you last year in Canton, TX. My wife and I were camping at Mill Creek. At first, we were not going back to the trade days but something kept telling us to go and behold there you were. The Lord must have wanted us to meet you and am glad we did. I have been a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans fan for years and still watch the reruns. When I was a kid, I used to ride a stick horse “Trigger”. I told myself that once I left home (enlisted in the Air Force) I would have my own horse. Yep, I did and showed Palomino’s for 30 + years. The first one could have been Trigger (blaze face, 4 white stocking) and was my first World Champion. I enjoyed both books and want to say thanks . Del Tunink

    1. Cheryl

      Dear Del,
      Thank you so much for your note and I’m glad that you enjoyed my books. We had a great time in Canton and hope to go back again.

  10. Don Hart

    Cheryl, I am a couple of years older than you, almost 78 and I remember all the wonderful times I spent in the Rialto Theatre
    in Las Cruces NM as a kid growing up. Sat afternoons were spent riding the range with Roy, Dale, Gabby, Gene, Hoppy or Tex and of course Red Ryder, and Johnny Mack Brown would show up on occasion as rarely Sunset Carson or the Durango Kid. Fun times and amazingly there were no shades of grey with our heros, you knew the white hats were good and the black hats were bad, there was no confusing the issue. A lot of America died when we lost our hero’s code of ethics. The cowboy creed was a real thing in those days to us young’uns and we need it still today. God Bless you and yours young Lady, great memories are alive and well still.

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