Jul 04


The original Trigger, The Old Man, The Old Horse, would be turning 83 today. He was truly a very special horse. He was all spirit and fire when Dad rode him and the most gentle of giants when I rode him across the Van Nuys Wash (as a nine-year-old) to the Mom and Pop grocery store on Woodman Avenue.

My friend, and author of the upcoming definitive book on Trigger, Leo Pando, just sent me this photo of a very young Trigger and said that I can share it with you.

Happy a wonderful 4TH of JULY!

From both of us, Cheryl and Larry Barnett


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  1. Ron Becton

    Happy Born Day old man. You were some kind of horse

  2. Lula

    Happy Birthday

  3. Tiffany

    A book just on Trigger? When will that come out?

    1. Cheryl

      Shouldn’t be too long but I will let everyone know. I will post the notice on both my websites and the YouTube channels.

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