Jun 13

Yakima Canutt

Yakima Canutt is probably the most famous stuntman in the entertainment industry. He was the inventor of most of the famous stunts that took our breaths away. It was Yak that leapt off

the driver’s seat of the stagecoach onto the backs of the backs team of horses, then onto the backs of the team in front, then onto the backs of the lead team and pulled the horses to a stop. Yak was the Indian who jumped onto the back of one of the horses of the lead team, was shot, fell between the three eams of horses and pulled himself up onto the back of the stagecoach as it passed over him!

WOWWW! What a stunt. One of my favorites of Dad’s stories was about when, in one of his first movies, he and Yak (doubling the bad guy) were fighting. They had rehearsed the fight several times but Dad was really new to this movie making business. Anyway, while the fight is going on, Dad was to swing and miss Yak. BUT, Dad swung and connected with Yak’s jaw. Yak, although considerably bigger than Dad wasn’t expecting the punch and was slightly staggered. Dad said that he just about wanted to cry. He couldn’t believe that he had hit the legendary Yak! Dad quickly told Yak how sorry he was. Yak looked at Dad and said, “Don’t worry, Son. You didn’t get a cherry.”


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  1. Barry

    Yak competed in Pro Rodeo riding Broncs before becoming a stuntman

    1. Cheryl

      Yes, Yak was a champion rider before working in the movies.

  2. Lillian intartaglia

    I really am enjoying you posting all of this thank you Cheryl it’s always a pleasure

  3. Lillian intartaglia

    Thank you, thank you, for giving us Roy Rogers ,Dale Evans fans the opportunity to continue hearing about all the people that your family got to know and share their stories with. We appreciate and hope you write another book. I’m a dedicated fan of everything Rogers.

  4. Ann Gathright

    I loved those scenes! He was a great actor and stuntman!

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