Jun 12

Iron Eyes Cody

Iron Eyes Cody was known by everybody as a spokesman for conservation and of American Indian traditions. As a young man, he took it upon himself to study and learn what he could of Indian culture. His portrayal of the

Indian chief with the tear in his eye for the “Keep America Beautiful” campaign (posters and TV’s Public Service announcements), made him one of the most recognized faces of our times. He was praised for his support of Indian causes by numerous Indian tribal

leaders and U.S. Government officials. It wasn’t until his death, and the attendance of his sister at his memorial, that we learned their parents were from Sicily. Interesting fact but, it doesn’t change even a little bit the good that he did by sharing, with various museums around the U.S. (even the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum), his knowledge of Indian lore and donating the artifacts he had acquired over a long career.


  1. bruce thompson

    There are many heroes of the West, and that includes those from Sicily. To be caretakers of such a beautiful country, says much about Iron Eyes Cody for advocating and preserving those threads of the fabric that make up the whole cloth of America. This is not trivia, but a splendid example of the best activism imaginable..

    1. Cheryl

      He was a very nice man and tried to do everything he could to promote a positive image of our American Indians.

  2. Lillian intartaglia

    The ad of the Indian Chief with the tear in his eye made a profound impact on many many people. I did not know that was the same Chief as in the photo with many of the other cowboy celebrities

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