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In Old Montana (1939)

In Old Montana (1939)
Fred is serving as a cavalry officer and requests leave of absence to visit his father who has been shot. His Commanding Officer grants the request and also asks

him to carry out an investigation at the same time into the current conflict between sheepherders and cattlemen in that area. Dawson arranges a meeting between the cattle and sheep ranchers to encourage mutual cooperation in an attempt to resolve the dispute. During the meeting Joe Allison is shot then Fred is framed for the shooting. He is locked up but breaks out. Now it is up to Fred to find out who is really causing all the trouble.

There is a subplot in which Fred Dawson forms a close relationship with June Allison (Carmen), the daughter of Joe Allison.

Fred Scott as Fred Dawson
Jean Carmen as June Allison
John Merton as Ed Brandt
Harry Harvey as Doc Flanders
Walter McGrail as Joe Allison, father of June Allison

Wheeler Oakman as Jim Dawson, father of Fred Dawson
Frank LaRue as Theodore Jason
Allen Cavan as Sheriff
Jane Keckley as Pocohantas

Directed by Raymond K. Johnson
Produced by C. C. Burr
Starring Fred Scott
Jean Carmen
Cinematography Marcel Picard
Harvey Gould
Distributed by Equity British Films
Release date
February 5, 1939

Country United States
Language English

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