Feb 22

Sunset Carson Rides Again (1948)

Sunset Carson Rides Again from 1948
Sunset Carson is helping with funding for a new school but there are those that are against him and others who are waiting to steal the money collected.

Sunset Carson
Al Terry as Bob Ward aka Kansas Kid
Pat Starling as Joan Carson
Dan White as Sheriff Norton
Pat Gleason as Referee Brown
John L. Cason as Sam Webster
Stephen Keyes as Henchman Murdock
Ron Ormond as Jim Pizor (Henchman)
Bob Curtis as “Tin-Cup” Callahan
Joe Hiser as “Shorty” McDuff
Bill Vall as “Slugger” Appolodamus
Forrest Matthews as Sam Nevens
Don Gray as Henchman Rand
Dale Harrison as Tomkins
The Rodeo Revelers as Musicians

Directed by Oliver Drake
Produced by Oliver Drake (associate producer)
Walt Maddox (producer)
Written by Elmer Clifton (original screenplay)
Cinematography Clark Ramsey
Edited by Ralph Dixon
Release date
Running time
63 minutes
Country United States

Language English

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