Jun 09

Noah Beery Jr.

Noah Beery Jr. was another of the “good guys” in this film. He was another kid who was born into Hollywood’s main business — FILMS. He proved to be a wonderful actor, who enjoyed a long career. Probably his best-known role today is as “Rocky,” James Garner’s father in “The Rockford Files.”

When Mom (Dale Evans) and Dad (Roy Rogers) got married, they bought a home up in the Hollywood Hills, above the Pilgrimage Theater, on Ivarene Avenue. They bought the home from Noah Beery Jr. (one of the main “good guys” in this film). It was a beautiful home when we bought it. It was 3-stories and had a crenalated roof line (you know, like a castle) and was painted white with dark green trim. We hadn’t lived in the house for very long when Dad started saying that the house needed to be

painted. Mom decided (they hadn’t been married very long and she was pregnant) that the house would be beautiful painted a barn red with battleship gray trim. You could see that UGLY house all over Hollywood. You could even see it from the Hollywood Freeway if you looked to your left just before you got to the Hollywood Bowl! Even after we had moved two more times, it was still barn red with battleship gray trim! As far as I know, it was still those horrible colors when it burned to the ground just a few years back. Needless to say, Dad never asked again Mom’s opinion about what color to paint a house, or anything else that I can recall.

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