Mar 28


From the left: Hugh Farr, Pat Brady, Roy Rogers, Karl Farr, Lloyd Perryman, Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer

My good friend Larry Zwisohn sent me this photo and asked when Dad (Roy Rogers) learned to play the piano? I guess that seeing Dad sitting on the piano bench while he sings away gave Larry the idea that Dad knew what he was doing.

I thought that Larry knew everything about Dad and his musical skills. But, I had to tell him that the reason Pat and Tim have their fingers in their ears and Bob is laughing, is that Dad didn’t play piano at all.

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  1. Lillian intartaglia

    Now that I look closely at the picture, I can see that ears are being plugged. I’m sure they’ve plugged their ears because of his playing certainly not because of his singing. Always a devoted fan of your dad

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