Mar 28

The Sons of the Pioneers

I just received a great photo from Harold Spencer, Tim’s son, and his wife Julie. This is a VERY EARLY (1935?)

photo of the Pioneers and I want to share it with you.

From the left: Hugh Farr, Karl Farr, Bob Nolan,Len Slye (Roy Rogers) and Tim Spencer.


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  1. Pie

    This is a picture of excellence! My Dad wore this look all his life, dress pants and a Western shirt. He was a teenager in the 1930s so he was very influenced by these styles.

    I think it was in Roy’s book where he says 40+ years later he still had some of those dress pants, and could still fit into them, and if not he knew it was time to ease up on the pancakes. That’s amazing!

    1. Cheryl

      Dad could still wear those gambler striped pants when he passed at age 86. Even though he was a junk food junkie,he never put on weight! His idea of cooking was to open a package of hot dogs, take one out, open a jar of mustard and dip in the hot dog. He didn’t even bother to heat up the dog!!

  2. Pie

    He did so much stuff the rest of us just can’t do!

    1. Cheryl

      He was always telling us how easy it was to yodel but none of us could do it.

  3. Lillian intartaglia

    Oh Cheryl, I cannot tell you sufficiently how thrilled I am to have this site to come to. Learning about your dad dipping a hot dog and eating it without cooking it had me laughing. I also did not know he would eat some junk food. It was interesting learning he knew how to keep his weight at just where he wanted it. Now that is a disciplined person!

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