Mar 30

Geri Jewell Celebrity interview with host Cheryl Rogers Barnett

Cheryl Rogers interview with Geri Jewell. Geri Jewell has many film credits for acting, producing and writing. Starting in 1980 on the

television series The Righteous Apples. Geri portrayed Geri Tyler in 12 episodes of The Facts of Life TV series in the mid 1980’s. She also appeared in all 23 episodes of the HBO series DEADWOOD as Jewel.

THANK YOU to The Museum of Film History in Lone Pine California for letting us share this video! This interview and many others are available for purchase in the museum’s gift shop. Here is the link to their website. http://www.lonepinefilmhistorymuseum.org In this interview Geri and Cheryl discuss some of Geri’s first rolls as well as how she was cast in the Deadwood series. Geri shares some very interesting insight to life and working in the film industry! This is a very interesting interview!

Keep an eye on Cheryl Rogers Barnett’s Western Stars Theater for more wonderful interviews hosted by Cheryl.


  1. Lillian intartaglia

    I just watched the very lengthy and wonderful interview on Geri Jewell. What an interesting and entertaining person she is. Cheryl, you are an excellent interviewer.

  2. Dave

    Cheryl-I love your webpage and interviews. Keep them coming

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