Feb 21


Roy Rogers, my Dad, was one of the best square dance callers in the country. He recorded this album with Spade Cooley’s Buckle Busters.  Love this cover. Cheryl


  1. Vincent J Navarra

    Cheryl this is Jim Navarra from Rochester New York.
    Hopefully you remember us out here.
    I am interested in purchasing a copy of the square dance caller record by your dad Roy Rogers, if you would advise me as to where to purchase it thank you look forward to talking to you soon. Jim Navarra

    1. Cheryl

      Hi Jim, of course I remember you and the great time Larry and I had at your wonderful event.
      I have no idea where you might get a copy of that album other than on eBay. That album has been out of print for many years.
      The two CDs that were put out to celebrate Dad’s 100th anniversary both have a couple of cuts of Dad calling square dancing. They are both good CDs.
      Our best to you and yours, Cheryl

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