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The Kansan (1943)

The Kansan (1943)

Directed by George Archainbaud. The film is also known as Wagon Wheels in the United Kingdom.

Richard Dix as John Bonniwell
Jane Wyatt as Eleanor Sager
Albert Dekker as Steve Barat
Eugene Pallette as Tom Waggoner
Victor Jory as Jeff Barat
Robert Armstrong as Malachy
Beryl Wallace as Soubrette
Clem Bevans as Clem, the Bridge Tender
Hobart Cavanaugh as Mayor Josh Hudkins
Francis McDonald as Gil Hatton
Willie Best as Bones
Douglas Fowley as Ben Nash

Rod Cameron as Kelso, Cowhand
Eddy Waller as Ed Gilbert, Newspaper Editor
Ray Bennett as Messenger

Produced by Lewis J. Rachmil (associate producer)
Harry Sherman (producer)
Written by Frank Gruber (novel Peace Marshal)
Harold Shumate (screenplay)
Music by Gerard Carbonara
Cinematography Russell Harlan
Edited by Carroll Lewis
Harry Sherman Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date
September 10, 1943 (United States)
Running time
79 minutes
Country United States

Language English


  1. Bob Dix

    My Dad, Richard Dix, in “The Kansan” as the story opens wounded while stopping the James gang from robbing the local ban and wakes up in the hospital to find that he’s been elected town marshal. He soon comes into conflict with the town banker, who controls everything in town and is squeezing the townspeople for every penny he can get out of them.

    This story line has been used by many producers in Hollywood since “The Kansan” in different genres through the years. My Dad’s interpretation of the leading character received high marks from audiences all over the world. Before TV, audiences would go to see ‘A Dix movie’ just because Richard Dix was starring in it. It was the day of the ‘personality actor’. Dix, Bogart, Wayne Gable and others had their fans who made the box-office returns the best in Hollywood.

    You will enjoy Dad Dix in, “The Kansan” along with other western Movies in the 30’s and 40’s. A career that started in Silent Movies in 1917 and spanned over thirty years in 1946 and the seven ‘Whistler Mystery Movies’. He passed on in 1949 having starred in seventeen Western Movies and in over 100 motion pictures both Silent and Sound. A true pioneer of the industry that today grosses over nine billion dollars a year. On his gravestone, “Loved by all ho knew him.”

    1. Cheryl

      Thanks, Bob. I am sure that everyone will enjoy your comments about your Dad’s super movie and his long career. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with our viewers.

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