Monthly Archive: June 2017

Jun 13

Yakima Canutt

Yakima Canutt is probably the most famous stuntman in the entertainment industry. He was the inventor of most of the famous stunts that took our breaths away. It was Yak that leapt off the driver’s seat of the stagecoach onto the backs of the backs team of horses, then onto the backs of the team …

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Jun 12

Iron Eyes Cody

Iron Eyes Cody was known by everybody as a spokesman for conservation and of American Indian traditions. As a young man, he took it upon himself to study and learn what he could of Indian culture. His portrayal of the Indian chief with the tear in his eye for the “Keep America Beautiful” campaign (posters …

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Jun 11

Trisstram (Tris) Coffin

Trisstram (Tris) Coffin was another of those fine Republic actors who worked all of the time. He appeared in seven of their cliff-hanger series. He also honed his craft while playing good guys and bad guys in numerous films and then television series. He had the lead in his own syndicated series “26 Men” which …

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Jun 10

More about Gabby Hayes

I absolutely loved Gabby like another grandfather. He was the most handsome man. Always dressed in custom-made English tweed suits and handmade silk shirts from France. He always smelled wonderful and he could tell the most wonderful stories in his beautiful stage voice. I’m glad that I didn’t see him on film as a bad …

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Jun 09

Noah Beery Jr.

Noah Beery Jr. was another of the “good guys” in this film. He was another kid who was born into Hollywood’s main business — FILMS. He proved to be a wonderful actor, who enjoyed a long career. Probably his best-known role today is as “Rocky,” James Garner’s father in “The Rockford Files.” When Mom (Dale …

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Jun 08

Bob Steele

You know, I just love seeing Dad in his early, early films, where he is not always being Roy Rogers. In Carson City Kid, he plays an outlaw, who turns out to be a good/bad guy avenging his older brother. Then he’s a robber again who, by the end of the movie, is once again …

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