Jun 08

Bob Steele

You know, I just love seeing Dad in his early, early films, where he is not always being Roy Rogers. In Carson City Kid, he plays an outlaw, who turns out to be a good/bad guy avenging his older brother. Then he’s a robber again who, by the end of the movie, is once again …

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May 03


Hi! All of you who can make it to the Gene Autry Museum in Gene Autry, OK this coming weekend are in for a real treat!!! Lots of music, cowboy poets, celebrities and good food! My incredible, talented, computer expert partner, Bob Terry is going to be the daytime emcee. Bob and his family will …

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Apr 25

The Cowboy Millionaire (1935)

https://westernstarstheater.com releases another classic western from our archives. This western movies star is George O’Brien and has another big star Edgar Kennedy in a rare westerns film appearance. Bob and Willy own a mining claim that looks promising but they are running out of funds to keep servicing while working on their claim. So the …

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Apr 18


One of the main reasons that the production values on the Roy Rogers TV Show were so good was Dad bringing over so many members of his old Republic Studios crew. I wish I could remember more of their names but it has been a few years ago and I was, after all, a teenager. …

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Apr 17

George “Gabby” Hayes

George “Gabby” Hayes was a true renaissance man. He had played Hamlet on Broadway when he was only 19. He was a superb actor, a minor-league baseball player, he led an all-girl orchestra, he loved opera, he was an omnivorous reader of all types and genre of books. He was suave. He was funny. He …

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Apr 06

Utah and Peggy Stewart

Typically of Republic Studios, Utah was made in Lone Pine, California! Dad’s (Roy Rogers) films seldom had the budget to travel out of California and Lone Pine is used for everything from itself (“High Sierra”) to the Khyber Pass (“King of the Khyber Rifles”) to India in “Charge of the Light Brigade” to another world …

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Mar 30

Geri Jewell Celebrity interview with host Cheryl Rogers Barnett

Cheryl Rogers interview with Geri Jewell. Geri Jewell has many film credits for acting, producing and writing. Starting in 1980 on the television series The Righteous Apples. Geri portrayed Geri Tyler in 12 episodes of The Facts of Life TV series in the mid 1980’s. She also appeared in all 23 episodes of the HBO …

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Mar 28

The Sons of the Pioneers

I just received a great photo from Harold Spencer, Tim’s son, and his wife Julie. This is a VERY EARLY (1935?) photo of the Pioneers and I want to share it with you. From the left: Hugh Farr, Karl Farr, Bob Nolan,Len Slye (Roy Rogers) and Tim Spencer.

Mar 28


From the left: Hugh Farr, Pat Brady, Roy Rogers, Karl Farr, Lloyd Perryman, Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer My good friend Larry Zwisohn sent me this photo and asked when Dad (Roy Rogers) learned to play the piano? I guess that seeing Dad sitting on the piano bench while he sings away gave Larry the …

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Mar 27


Dad owned one of the first five pairs of Weimaraners imported from Germany. Joaquin was the male and Lana was the female.  For a number of years Dad bred Weimaraner pups but we never had any that we loved as much as Lana and Joaquin.  When they arrived, they only knew German commands but Dad …

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Mar 22

Diamond Farnsworth Celebrity interview with host Cheryl Rogers Barnett

Cheryl Rogers interview with Stuntman Diamond Farnsworth. Diamond Farnsworth has hundreds film credits for stunts! Starting in 1967 on the western television series Laredo. Diamond is an Actor as well as Stunt man and Stunt Coordinator. Diamond’s most recent work includes coordinating the stunts for NCIS. Diamond is also the son of Actor Stuntman Richard …

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Mar 20

What is This Event – Dale, Gene and Roy?

Hi Y’all!  My husband Larry has been going through some boxes that we haven’t looked through since we moved here (Utah) from California — about 14 years ago.   He is finding some great stuff!   One of the great things he has found is the above photo copy of Mom (Dale Evans), their good …

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